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Welcome to My Journey

Here you can see My Journey through the year in The MacLab

Week 12

This week was one of the most fun weeks in the MacLab.

During each day this week there was a field trip to the San Diego Zoo.

We went there to take photographs of textures, the alphabet made of shapes we found, and of any things that would be good for use in photoshop or future projects.

We took plenty of photographs and found some cool things around the zoo.

On the days I didn’t go on the field trip I worked on a project of my own.

It is called polygonal art.

You can see and example of this down below.

Overall this week was pretty fun and I hope there are more like it.

Week 11

This past week has been very interesting due to Mr. Skocko being out because of the flu.

We have had a substitute in place and it has been pretty different.

But, beside Mr. Skocko having the flu, this week has been pretty fun and creative.

This week we worked on many quests and continued earning gold and experience.

I finally finished the Band Winter Concert poster, which was a pretty fun project.

We also learned how to enhance imagery and learned how to enhance workflow strategies in the MacLab.

I also used a lot of my gold in the exchange to finally pay off the negative honor I received for joining a Guild.

This week was pretty fun and I gained more information about things with Photoshop.

Week 10 in The MacLab

This week in the MacLab was pretty interesting and very fun.

I finally got to join the Design Team and was able to be part of the Form Guild.

It took a lot of trial and error to join the team, but I learned a lot on the way.

We have been asked to make more posters, one being the Band Winter Concert poster, which I have been working on during the week.

I am so glad this week turned out to be one of the best.

And I know there are going to be many more like it.

Weeks 8-9 in The MacLab

These past couple of weeks have been very fun and productive due to all of the quests we have been completing.

The quests in these past weeks have included varieties of posters, logos, and work on this blog.

It have been very fun and I have learned a lot of new skills during the process of developing my work.

We have been working non-stop on the projects and our blog, and it has been very enjoyable.

The MacLab highly appeals to me and I having a great time being part of this class.

Even though I have a long year of work ahead of me, I know it is going to be a lot of fun and we are going to create great things.


Weeks 1-7 in The MacLab

Ever since day one in the MacLab, I knew it would be a very fun and informative class.

When I walked into the room and first saw how it look and who taught it, I knew I would have a great year.

Our teacher, Mr. Skocko (A.K.A The Boss) knows a lot about computers and the programs used to created incredible things.

It has only been seven weeks in the MacLab and I have learned so much from Mr. Skocko.

I have learned how to use programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, to create art in a way I haven’t done before.

So far, I have made several projects including wallpapers, posters, and even a logo used for Gravatar.

This year so far has been really fun and i have definitely learned a lot.

Welcome to My Info and Links

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Welcome to Carini Design.

Go ahead and check out My Journey and My Gallery

Hope you enjoy visiting my website

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Pexels, Free Image Resource

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DaFont, Free Font Resource

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Welcome to My Gallery

Here you can see all of the work I have created. Scroll to the bottom to see my earliest works.

“Polygonal Blue Bird”

This image was created during this week on November 17, 2015.

It was not a required piece of art to create, I simple made this out of pure curiosity.

It consists of many different size triangle and gradients to complete the overall shape and detail of a bird.

This took a while to make as it required very precise placement and coloring.


“Band Winter Concert”

This was my last concert poster recently.

It was created to advertise the winter concert for band.

The picture used in this poster can be found here.

Credit to for supplying this picture

Thanks to the Japanese photographer, kazuend,  for taking this picture.




“Winter Performing Arts”

This was created during a quest we did on the MacLab Website.

The link for this quest can be found below.

The winter performing arts poster was a fun project to do and it involved textures and different fonts.

DaFont is a great place to find interesting fonts, find them here.

Included in this picture is a font called Frosty’s Winterland, it can be found here.

The picture used for this poster can be found here.

Credit goes to for supplying this amazing picture.

“Winter Concert Poster”

This poster was created for the winter concert, produced by Valhalla, and was created in this quest.

It was fun to make as it involved things resembling the winter and Christmas.

The Winter Concert Poster was used for the advertisement of the Winter Concert.

The image used to create this poster can be found here

Credit to Joshua Johnson for supplying the pictures, here is his page.

You can also find his Twitter page here.

He also creates Mac tutorials, check him out here

“Fall Concert Poster”

This was created during the fall concert quest, and was created for advertisement.

The Fall Concert Poster was created to show when and where to go to see the Fall Concert, produced by Valhalla’s vocal music department.

This was very fun to create and it was fun to learn how to create a poster like this one.

The picture used for this poster can be found here

Thanks to FreeNatureStock for supplying this picture.

You can find them here.

“Of Mice and Men Banned Books Poster”

This poster was created during a quest that involved us creating a poster for Banned Books Week

It was created with simple shapes that were modified and with textures downloaded from this link.

These textures were uploaded by Michael Skocko.

His twitter can be found here.

This was a very fun project and I had a great time creating it.

“Visual Challenge”

This was created during a quest about visual balancing.

It was a quest meant to show us about how to balance and align objects to an art board.

This was a challenging quest, but in the end it helped me out with balancing and aligning objects.

“Gravatar Logo”

This is my Gravatar logo that I use for all of my accounts.

The logo was made during a quest in the MacLab, and was supposed to be used as a profile picture for our accounts.

My logo was very easy to create. It uses simple shapes and some different colors.


This is the very last wallpaper we made for the quest given to us by The Boss.

It was made using shapes, text, and 3D effects.

This wallpaper was a big step for me because it was the first wallpaper I made using 3D effects.

“California Beach Wallpaper

This is another wallpaper that I created using Illustrator.

It was made using simple shapes and different colors.

The Boss had asked us to make 3 wallpapers during the beginning of the year.

This is the 2nd in the collection.

“The Beginning”

This image is the first wallpaper I have created in the MacLab.

I created this very early in the year and it was created using Illustrator.

It was created during a quest the Boss had made for us.

This is the 1st of  the 3 wallpapers created during the quest.